Sunday, April 26, 2009

At long last

Yes, I'm still here.

I was just on hiatus due to a rather rough semester I've had. Between keeping up with my coursework, my work, staying on top of the going-ons of our school's art club, AND just plain old day-to-day life, some things just gotta give.

But now the semester's over, and I can catch up with all the things I've deserted for a bit!

Anyway, here's a general breakdown of all the things I've been doing all this time that might be of interest to someone, but I haven't had the time to write about:

-I've woven buttloads of stuff for my advanced weaving class.

-I've been sewing more often, mostly for my advanced textile design class. It culminated in a rather nice hand-dyed, hand-sewn raw silk skirt.

-I've been trying to knit an Estonian lace shawl out of yarn I spun during what little spare time I have. So far I'm halfway through.

-I attended the American Craft Council craft show during spring break. I was too poor to buy anything, but I walked away with a lot of business cards!

-Spectrum, our student art club, managed to get a lot of things done during this semester. We had our second biannual art sale, and this time around we had our own booth during the Bear on the Square festival. Hopefully this will be something we'll do every spring.

-I did some natural dyeing with a friend over spring break as well. Dyed some handspun yarn a lovely shade of raspberry with cochineal.

-I got my senior show idea I have my portfolio production class to look forward to next semester (yikes!).

-I bought a loom.


So my plan is to eventually put up a lot of pictures and write a lot more about these things. Who knows whether any of that will actually get done, but at least I've given you the gist of what's going on.

Until then,
-Cat Read more!